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Tone C. born Antonio Simpson, known by his diplomatic moniker " Da Mayor" is a bilingual hip-hop Artist/Entertainer/Public Figure from The Republic Of Panama by way of Miramar, Florida. "Da Mayor" composes & performs in both English and Spanish, showcasing his versatility, star qualities and heritage. Tone realized he wanted to be a MC at the age of 14 after a brief migration to New York after his parents divorced.
While living in the East New York area of Brooklyn, the southern bred adolescent was exposed to the rap battling scene & quickly fell in love with it. After approximately 100+ battles under his belt, in which he only lost a handful, Tone decided to take his craft more seriously. Tone C recorded his first single "Bring Ya Boyz" in 2007 at a friend’s garage and that's where the story begins. 

By 2008, Tone landed a group deal and signed to local Indie Record Label, [F.I. Entertainment] The group's First Single "Pretty lil Thing” gained major attention & popularity, leading it to be aired on Miami's own 99 JAMZ. After a fallout and split from the Group in 2009, Tone continued to pursue his solo career where he went on to release 5 Solo Mixtapes, numerous compilations and countless sinlges including "Im On Dat", "My Everything", "Nympho" & "Where The F*^k Were You". Tone C is solely signed to his own management imprint, [Mayor Management] which he actively operates, specializing in Artist development, consulting, placements and more. 

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In his downtime, Tone is an active member in his Easts Miramar community. He has organized and sponsored 2 Christmas toy drives out of pocket, spoken

 on the City Of Miramar comission board and has close ties to city officials. He likes to lable himself the "Hometown Hero", which is also the name of his upcoming debut album. If given the chance, Tone C would love to work with Atlanta based producer [Bangledesh]. Tone C has always been one wanting to create innovative sounds and break cultural barriers & feels Bangledesh is a musical genius that could help him capitalize and reach new heights. 

Growing up, listening and creating music for the past decade, Tone C has looked up to the likes of Big L and Panamanian artist Dangerman and notes them as his biggest influences. While Tone C is on the rise with his music career, he has been receiving support from local DJs such as; DJ Meat, Dj Yoyo, Dj B Knuck, Dj Underground, Dj Phresko, Dj P Nut 305, Dj Gio, DjPopz, and Dj Nick B. These days, "Da Mayor" is currently in the early stages of recording "Hometown Hero" which is subject to release mid/late 2017. 

His Lead Single "Never Stop" was recently added to Pandora Radio right before he released the follow up Single "Big Ting A GWON". When asked about his future plans, while working on the album, Tone just added "Man, I'm just tryna win & get my momma a crib"! Follow Tone C on All Social Media : @ToneCDaMayor